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Originally Posted by onster View Post
oh and yes Katherine, I think CK thought u were way older than u really are, what's done is done and theres no point fighting with ure mom about it or even thinking of anything drastic like moving out. to kitty and yourself.
Thank you onster Im sure aqua thanks you too. I guess i proably should have mentioned more of the damges she has caused. I didnt mention the fact tht bailey almost lost an eye, or that for the last few months ive had to buy , umm, probably three new wardrobes, may i add that my clothes are not cheap. We would cut her nails as much as possible, but the friggen things grow like weeds. I mean, this isnt your normal cat claws were talkin' bout, these were on seriods or something! I know for a fact mom hated having to do it, and she herself has steared people away from the procedure. There are alot more things i could talk abotu but i just dont have the energy at the moment to argue a lost cause(when i say that i mean, alot of you will never understand what we are going through here, and by that i mean the guilt we feel, but it had to be done) and as someone mentioned earlier, if we had rehomed her, 9 chances out of ten they would have done it anyway.
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