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? for Vet(re: female dog sexual health)

Wasn't quite sure how to title the thread. But anyhow here is my situation.

My Sheltie is 12, she has never been spayed and never had puppies despite living with a male in a fenced in yard. (she actually had a front limb amputation last year fwiw) she seems fine but she does have enlarged(and kinda long) nipples and she also on each side of her belly right before you get to her hips she has an enlarged area on either side. My sister was surprised by it but I know it has been there a while. Each side is perfectly cylindrical with the other which is why I don't think it's any type of cancer.

I am wondering if you guys can tell me the types of female problems older dogs can have that may pertain to what I have described. And also can she still come in heat at 12 years old anyway?

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