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A question about squash..

I got some butternut squash baby food for Ethel and her babies last night, and luckily she ate some of it without me even having to mix it in her food

I have a couple of questions though..

The kittens don't have diarrhea per se, their poops are formed, but soft. Should I be giving it to them too? I feed the whole lot of them two 5.5 oz cans of kitten food twice a day - and they eat out of two big bowls, so how do I give it to them? I just scattered some all around the bowl so they each got some last night..

Is it detrimental if they get too much?

When should I expect results?

Should I stop giving it if their poops become firm?

I dropped off a stool sample for Ethel at the vets this morning, so we'll see if she has any parasites, but the good news is that her belly didn't seem as distended today as it was yesterday
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