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you all know how i feel about declawing... but i have to disagree. my cats emotional well being is *not* more important than my home. its not about couches.... if cats just scratched couches, only the shallowest of people would get their pets declawed. its scratching walls.... window frames, door jambs, carpeting, stair railings... i can tell you MY cats have probably done at least $5k damage to the inside of the house and they arent even peeing on the floor!!!

my dog chewed a leg to an antique buffet... hardly comparable damage.

my home doesnt just contain ME, it also contains my children. the $5k i will have to spend to replace (thats not including the carpeting of which is ancient to begin with) the things they scratched up is a year of college for Cailyn. its way more than the new bed she so painfully needs (she is a former bed wetter!!) its half (almost) of our revolving debt, its 4 months of mortgage payments... these things all effect my childrens quality of life, it effects their future, etc. i think if we were looking at $10k of damage or higher, i would seriously consider declawing. i know unquestionably that 2 of our cats would pine for us if we were to rehome them so that is not an option.

and lets not forget Riley. ()

just my .

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