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Can someone direct me to some pictures of different types of worms that were expelled from a cat? I am treating my cats with nemex and I suppose it's working but after looking for into it I'm not sure I properly diagnosed my cats. I think it might have been tapeworm. But I'm still fairly sure it was roundworms because the medication is working and everyones feeling better so I doubt I was wrong.

The worms I found were about 3/4 inch, white and kinda skinny. They had like suction mouths or something and were crawling all up and down the baggy I put his poopy in. What can I do at home to keep checking for worms? Is it okay if I like, smoosh up their poop and check myself? Fecal flotation costs 18$ at the vet and I could probably get Tara to do it for free, but in the mean time I want to see some pictures of different worms in their various stages.



Since I'm dealing with all these worms and whatnot, am I supposed to be getting anything done to me to test for worms? Since I know that some worms can be transmitted to humans and I'm super clean with washing my hands and stuff, but I have not been wearing gloves threw all of this. I'm not actually touching the poop but I'm not sure if I could have gotten something. Does that ever happen?
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