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Where do you draw the line? We recently got our cat declawed (i hated doing this and so did my mother) But its certainly not because we are lazy.. We have been working with Aqua since the day we got her, trying to teach her not to claw, Its worked with our other cats but not with her. We've tried products like fake nails ect. But that doesnt stop her at all! She finds a way. As soon as we would apply a product to her, she would go nuts trying to get it off, and she was always succesful. most cases of declawing are succesful and few are bad even down the line around here anyways.We are fully aware of the risk factors, but there are also risks in getting your cat spayed/neutered BUt we do it , dont we? I am against declawing, but to a certain extent. Declawing is not just for the lazy people, its also for the people that have tried everything possible, besides declawing, and it hasnt worked. It was either get her declawed, OR get "rid" of her. ANd we certainly were not going to do that.
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