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Thanks for that great information Dr. Lee . Lucy actually has a history of liver problems which is why we were considering some of the other options. About 7 years ago she got quite sick and was diagnosed with chronic active hepatitis, her counts were off the charts and the ultrasound showed her liver so small they could not even consider a biopsy. We placed her on antibiotics and ursodial and I chose to continue feeding a raw diet (my vet did want me to switch to prescription but supported my decision) and supplemented with many vitamins.

The great news was that when we retested her a few months later there was a huge improvement and within a year her values tested normal and continued to do so until about six months ago. Her liver enzymes when last tested were about 3 times normal so we did another antibiotic run and placed her back on the ursodial. I also give her milk thistle, vitamin E, acidophilus and digestive enzymes. In retrospect some of the symptoms she was showing I now believe might be attributable to pain issues instead (shaking, panting, wanting to be outside a lot). Since beginning the meticam regularly she has not had those problems again and has not experienced any other side effects.

She is due to be retested again and I will be doing that next week. I will also ask about starting the Denosyl. Do you have any opinions about the Denosyl versus Ursodial? Thanks again for the information!
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