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I got some "animal rescue"... I hope its like rescue remedy...does anyone know this product.
I went home and put some drops in her water..I hope to see a difference sometime this week

Animal Rescue offers a broad ranging energetic and emotional support for animals in our care. It helps ease the effects of trauma and stress. Use it to calm and comfort animals. In the case of injury, it helps alleviate distress and supports healing action of other essences, as well as medicines and homeopathic remedies. Animal Rescue may also help dealing with behavior problems, especially if they relate to trauma, shocks or fear. In this case, look for gradual and incremental changes in behavior. Animal Rescue is the starting point for helping animals. It may be used by itself or at the same time as Animal Whisper & Animal Restore, as well as with any of the 12-Body Synergies.

How to Use This Essence:
Regular use: add 11 drops to water & food 2x or 3x per day.
In acute situations, Animal Rescue may be taken every hour - or more frequently if needed - until equilibrium is restored.
Put a few drops of essence in your hand and rub in the animal's gums or rub gently into neck and throat.

Vibrational essences of Black Walnut (Juglans nigra), Butternut (Juglans cinerea), Canada Plum (Pinus nigra) and Manitoba Maple (Acer negundo), in a base of spring water with 5% alcohol added as a preservative.
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