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As many people know,I buy my Feli-Way on E-Bay(twice now) and it works on Rocky and his spraying,I don't know how much effect it would have on someone like Tigger.
Also buying it from the vet is more than double the price.
Maybe you can still get it at Pet-Smart in Quebec,but here you can't anymore,not FDA approved or something like that.

CPietra,I know you are a kittybut please do not seperate the two,her brother is all she feels she has..
Did you talk to C-S at all,maybe she could help getting Tigger to be shaved,she is the one Tigger was used to for a few years.
Rocky did not mind the Butternut squash in his canned food,but unfortunately it did no help much,his runny poop is probably from the Tapazole he takes for his HT.
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