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Originally Posted by cpietra16 View Post
sugarcatmom, If i could put all my animals on raw I would...but with 5 cats, 2 dog and 3 small ( under the age of 10) kids, a full time job, and recently seperated..i just don't have time to do the raw diet.
I understand. You don't have to feed ALL the critters raw though. What about just the 2 downstairs? Also, you can buy pre-packaged frozen raw like Nature's Variety medallions, which make it as easy as opening up a can.

Originally Posted by cpietra16 View Post
She won't go near pumpkin...and I will pick up some rescue remedy.
Rescue Remedy is different from Feliway, which is a synthetic pheromone that mimics the scent of cat's facial secretions (like when they rub their cheeks on stuff - it's a "happy" scent). You could certainly try both, but because the Feliway is in a room diffuser that you plug into a wall outlet, it's much easier to administer and more consistent. My vet actually has Feliway plug-ins in all her exam rooms and I've noticed a difference in my own cat's level of stress during office visits since she began using them.

As for something else you can try to firm up the stool, some slippery elm bark powder mixed in with canned food or yogurt or plain meat baby food might help. Here's some info on that:

Originally Posted by cpietra16 View Post
You know, with all the rescues i have had...:sad:I think Tigger was meant to be feral. I may have to seperate them and hpe fo rthe best. This will be a sad day because they only have each other.
I actually think it would be much better for Tigger if you didn't separate them. Ferals really need other cats around to feel safe and I would worry even more about her if she was alone.
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