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CPietra,oh no:sad:I have avoided asking about Tigger and her brother,although every time I see a post from you,I think of them.
I was hoping they'd be lap-cats by now,or at least become part of your kitty-family.
If Tigger is stressed,the severe matting and the pain of it,only adds to her problem,but I am sure you know that..:sad:
She always stuck in my mind,because she was such a beauty,long-haired brown Tabby and I was so happy when you took them in from Cat-Snatcher.
I don't see that there is any other way than letting a vet shave her under anesthesia,there is no way I could get even close with a shaver with my cats.

I don't think letting her outside after 2 yrs in your care,stress or not,would help her be happier,I think it would be a disaster,but I can understand how you feel

Many of our members today,don't know the story behind Tigger and your answer to Cat-Snatchers desperate plea for her and the other semi-ferals,maybe you can find a pic of her to show.

I really symphatize with you,it must be heartbreaking,Tigger pre-matts was such a beauty and I hope you find a solution
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