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Originally Posted by TeriM View Post
I think Growler was the one who uses the babyfood squash so I'm sure if you pm her she would be happy to help you.
Yup that's me Duffy gets a bit of butternut squash babyfood w/her meals to combat constipation, works also for diarreah, I mix it into her rawfood but since they are on dry you could try to give as a treat & see how they take to it. When you are down there petting her head & neck will she allow you to place a saucer infront of her? If so you can try 1/4 tsp of Heinz Organics pure pureed Butternut squash babyfood, alot of cats will lick it up just by itself.

Will she go into a crate willingly?
If not I know it sounds a bit rough (but sometimes neccessary ) but any chance you can just gently though firmly grab her by the scruff of the neck & quickly deposit her in an upturned crate for transport to the vet, there they can sedate her while still in the crate & off she goes to get shaved.
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