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Previcox is one of the newest additions to the canine NSAIDs. The claim on Previcox is that it has the highest safety range of all NSAIDs. Metacam runs a close second. Overall I love Metacam - it is safe and easy to administer.

Some important things to consider.

1) NSAID response can be very individual. It is important to choose the NSAID that works best for your pet. The two attributes to look at for NSAID response are pain relief and lack of blood value changes or clinical signs. If your pet is responding well, without any signs of side effects and liver and kidney enzymes are not rising, then you may want to stay with Metacam. If you do not feel that Metacam is working or if the liver enzymes are rising, then you may want to consider Previcox.

2) NSAIDs work best for osteoarthritis if given every day. Furthermore Previcox was tested against several other NSAIDs (metacam, rimadyl and deramaxx). The relief of pain was fairly similar at 48 hours and 2 weeks; however, the patients on previcox received greater pain relief when on the previcoxx for 2 months when compared to the other medications. The other medications provided similar pain relief at 2weeks as at 2 months. So Previcox may have better long term affects. Again, individuals respond to each NSAID differently so this test does not mean that it is a better pain reliever for all pets.

3) EPA (Eicosapentanoic acid) is a type of omega 3 fatty acids (fish oil). When given in large enough amounts, it can relieve osteoarthritic pain to a degree similar to many other pain medications. It reduces inflammation and can be used with or without NSAIDs.

4) Tramadol is a very safe pain medication that can be used with patients with metabolic or endocrine disease. It is metabolized via different pathways as opposed to medications that must be cleared through the liver. This medication is also inexpensive. One disadvantage, when compared to the omega 3 fatty acids or an NSAID, is that it is only a pain reliever. It does not reduce inflammation or help improve function. However, when looking at pain relief alone, it is a great medication.

5) Liver supportive medications. Denamarin is a combination of SAMe and silybin. Both help support liver disease, regardless of cause. It can not only help support the liver disease but also help the liver handle an NSAID medication. Denamarin is a nutriceudical (SAMe is a liver enzyme that is naturally occurring and silybin is from Milk Thistle) and thus you are not adding in more 'chemicals' to your pet.

Hope this helps.
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