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Thanks for all your input...
Sugarcatmom, she is now on Origene...but iI tried everything. I know that her stress must be high. but it has been 2 years and now I am thinking that she is just a very stressed cat who maybe should have been left outside.

Mooki.....Her brother would do better upstairs, but I think that if I seperate the 2 Tigger would never survive being alone.

They actually both go upstairs but not all the way and never long enough...the basement seems to be their safe haven. My other cats will go there but they prefer upstairs.

Cyberkitten...I will take her to the vets as soon as I can catch her. I want to sedate her properly without any harm to her.
I just feel like this is one of those cats that would be happier outside, even if it means a short life...
Cyberkitten, It was the vets suggestion that I try Gravol. But I think I will go back and see if I can put her on rescue remedy.
As for her food, I really tried everything..but I think Sugarcatmom is right it is probably stress.
I know she can be happy, I just don't know how to make it happen.

Catsnatcher who gave me the cats gave me ideas as well... but tough love is hard on me, and I know she knows it. But I may have to resort to it...She is so least I think so.
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