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Originally Posted by cpietra16 View Post
(1) I have tried every food imaginable and Tigger still has very runny poop. I did take a sample to the doctors..and no parasites of any kind...I don't know waht to do... any ideas????
What does she eat now and what have you tried? Dry or wet? What brands and flavours?

Other than food, it's also possible that this is Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which is a manifestation of stress. A feral cat living in a basement, even if all of her physiological needs are met and it's safe and quiet, could still be experiencing a great deal of stress.

Originally Posted by cpietra16 View Post
(2)...She is terribly matted. When she came to me she was beautiful; not a matt ball in it's awful.
This could also be related to diet and/or to stress.

Originally Posted by cpietra16 View Post
I bought some Gravol to make her drowsy. ( vet's suggestion..12.5 mg) Has anyone ever tried it on their cats???? Is it safe...I need to shave her!!!!
I used Gravol once on my sister's cat many years ago. Didn't make her drowsy and instead, because I didn't get it cleanly down the hatch on the first try, she ran madly around the house for an hour foaming at the mouth. That stuff tastes nasty! Never again. I agree that she should probably go to the vet for sedation in this case.
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