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Anyone tried previcox for pain/arthritis issues?

Lucy is my 12 year old yellow lab. She had definately slowed considerably in the last year or so and experienced a fair bit of stiffness which I attributed to her age. She was also "runover" quite badly by my other dog (100 lbs) and my mom's dog (75lbs) when she was standing on a blind corner and they came running full tilt around it and hit her :sad:. We almost had to carry her home (hard to do with 65 lbs) but she managed to limp her way back after a little rest.

Anyway ...... we were camping on the May long weekend and I administered her Meticam every morning as a preventitive as I knew we would be playing at the beach. I previously only ever gave it to her is she seemed especially stiff or sore. The daily dose made a remarkable change in her, she was much perkier, energetic and just overally much happier. It made me realize that she was actually experiencing some chronic pain :sad:, I felt so bad that I had not noticed it before .

So, she is now on daily doses of Meticam (am using the generic option currently). She also gets cartrophen shots once a month and glucosamine daily. My vet was talking about a fairly new pain/arthritis medication called Previcox that she thought we should consider for Lucy. Lucy does have a history of liver problems which could become an issue with the Meticam and those risks should be reduced with the Previcox.

Anyone have any experience with Previcox?
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