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My poor kitty.....

For those who know my know I have the 2 "elusives" ( kitties)in the basment. They have been there for 2 years. This is not of my choosing. There are no doors to the upstairs; they can come up at any time.
..they were ferels ( still are I guess). Anyway, I want to ask this panel for advise.

(1) I have tried every food imaginable and Tigger still has very runny poop. I did take a sample to the doctors..and no parasites of any kind...I don't know waht to do... any ideas????

which brings my to....

(2)...She is terribly matted. When she came to me she was beautiful; not a matt ball in it's awful. Her hair near her bum is matted...her top is matted.she is one big Matt....but she won't let me near her to help. I can only pet her head and her neck..the minute my hand goes any further she bolts.

I bought some Gravol to make her drowsy. ( vet's suggestion..12.5 mg) Has anyone ever tried it on their cats???? Is it safe...I need to shave her!!!!

So in a nutshell....I need a food that hadrens the stool and a good drug to put her to a safe drowsiness state without causing bodily harm to me or please.
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