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Originally Posted by dogmelissa View Post
I think I will go pick up a bag of Wellness and transition them to it. The Wellness Indoor Health variety sounds good - opinions on this variety vs their others?
I would stay away from the Indoor Wellness (or any "indoor" food for that matter). It's WAY to high in carbohydrates for all cats at 38% of calories, but especially for a cat prone to crystals (carbs create alkaline urine, and alkaline urine is an ideal environment for struvite crystals to form). If you must feed dry, try Wellness CORE, which is much higher in protein and lower in carbs (11%). Other grain-free options are Innova EVO, Nature's Variety Instinct, Solid Gold Indigo Moon or Orijen. Just a word of caution on the lower-carb kibble: they also tend to be quite high in calories so portion-control is a must. They're also high in phosphorus, so if you have a kidney-compromised cat I wouldn't recommend feeding these to them.

As for leaving out canned food, it actually doesn't become the breeding ground of bacteria that you would think. There are many people, me included, that put down wet food twice a day and let their cats graze on it over the next several hours (even up to 12). Never had a problem. You can add a few extra tsps of water to slow down the drying out process. I realize you're reluctant to do the wet thing, but just thought I'd mention it anyway.
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