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im sorry i missed this!!!

im not really sure what you are asking?? dogs dont NEED carbs but can benefit from them.

too much protein is a very old school way of thinking. too much plant based protein is harmful to your dog but a dog (balanced with organs of course) can do far better with meat only than a diet focusing on grains as THE source of nutrition (think Pedigree or Science Diet), considering they are carnivores, even if its opportunistic carnivores.

WE make sure 75% of Misters (our dog) diet is meaty bones/eggs or some other raw meat source and the rest of his diet is misc. stuff in as wide of a variety as possible.

he has allergies but apparently not to grains. we havent figured it out yet what hee DOES have allergies to.

both cats and dogs metabolize fat into energy so grains arent needed although they do come in handy for dogs. cats shoudl never be fed grains... they are obligate carnivores.

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