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To bring everyone uptodate about the Lipoma. First of all I don't think I gave Pepper's history. I adopted her from a man who was going into a retirement home in Feb 2006. His sons had listed her with a local shelter so despite the fact she was never in the shelter, I met the owner of the shelter when I paid for her. I have kept in touch with the original owner's sons who are the ones who brought her over when I adopted her. In this way I have all her medical history and know that the 'lump' was diagnosed by Pepper's previous vet as a Lipoma, as well as my vet. The Lipoma was large when I got her but was not as visible because it didn't stick out the way it does now.

History over.... The shelter I got her through is at Petsmart on Saturday afternoons. so I also saw the owner of the shelter when I went there to buy her new water bowl yesterday. She gave me the name of a vet who is actually a horse vet, but does small animals as well . She is in a small town north of here and does laser surgery at a more reasonable price than a specialist would. Apparently she does all the work for the shelter's animals and may be willing to remove Pepper's Lipoma.

I am very excited to hear this because if the vet does all the work for the shelter, she is obviously very good. I intend to discuss it with my vet next week.

Keep your fingers crossed for Pepper, that she will agree to operate on the Lipoma....
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