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Okay I wasn't aware of that. I had called up the shelter for help before and said the cat was scooting his butt and had diarrhea and I thought he had worms. He was also bloated and his butt was swollen and really red. They just said they were leaving me medicine in the front office and I picked it up and was giving it to him and it only worked a little. I figured it was just a like a broad spectrum de-wormer and parasite killer. Ack!

I called up Tara and she brought me home something called Nemex. I had to give my adult cats it in pill form and the orange tabby Waffles it in a liquid form. She kind of told me what you guys basically said that albon was for like, something with similar symptoms but not the right thing.

She got the liquid Nemex for free because they just let her squirt it into a vial and bring it home for me. There's alot extra for that, so since that ones the right one I can de-worm my outside kittens with that one if she says it's okay.

I wish I had known Albon was for something else and I would have put him o n that AND a regular de-wormer to treat both possibilities!!

Will treating the orange tabby make his butt not swollen and his stomach not bloated? Or do I need to get a different medication for those? With the worms gone I assume he should go back to normal, right?
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