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Thanks for posting this Kris! You beat me to the punch

On the VAS with cat post, this question was brought up and it is important for people to be aware the dogs can also have this horrible side effect to vaccines. It is important to note that at this time, it is believed that dogs acquire VAS at a much lower rate than cats. For the reason the understanding and theories with dogs are based off of our understanding of cats. Again adjuvants and non-core vaccines are under much controversy at this time.

As you mentioned that some veterinarians are denying this. Unfortunately this is true. This study is brought up with VAS questions to specialists and at vaccine lectures but if this information is not sought out, it is not something that is widely distributed. I do not think that a vaccine representative (outside of Merial which is fore fronting the technology to make vaccines safer) has ever mentioned this to me. For this reason again, I keep coming back to Merial as my vaccine source. There are a couple vaccine companies that I avoid due to their denial of VAS existence! I went to a 2007 vaccine lecture sponsored by one of the top vaccine companies (definitely NOT Merial) and the lecturer told us that there is no real truth to vaccine related tumors in cats or dogs and that we need to be increasing the amount and frequency of vaccines. Scary stuff.

Again, Thanks for bringing this topic up Kris.
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