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Albon dosage (worm problem!)

I am taking care of the 3 litters of kittens. I gave the one litter of white kittens that had the crippled kitten in it to the shelter. I still have the grey kittens and they are doing okay. The orange kitten that had diarrhea and a swollen butt got a little better using Albon but then it just stopped getting better. Now my other cats all have worms! I told my mom to NOT LET THIS SICK KITTEN PLAY WITH MY CATS but I'm sorry but my mom is dumb and didn't listen. So now I have to treat my other 7 cats for worms. I am going to get medication for them from the vet, but for the grey litter of kittens outside I want to deworm them myself. I'm already going to be paying a fortune for medication from the vets.

Okay, the kittens outside are 6 weeks and I guess a pound or two? How much Albon should I give them? The same amount as the kitten thats 2 weeks older and abut the same size? Albon will treat round works right? I was cleaning the litterbox and one of my cats doesn't bury his poop and I could see these white stringy worms crawling all over his poop so I know it's roundworms. So I just want to treat the outside kittens too.
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