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Cat's that dream

I have two cats, and the older one keeps scaring me, (i may be just a bit on edge though) He didn't ever do this untill now and its kinda odd. Have you ever seen a cat that sleeps on his back kicks flinches and makes muffled meowing noises in his sleep? It scares me cause when my sister's little kitten died he was doing that... but he didnt wake up. I can call his name with no response(he comes when you call his name) I have to go touch him or pet him before he will snap out of it... It's very strange and other than that he is just his regular mean self. It only happens every once in a while. Maybe he has done it his whole life and I just never noticed... Since my other cat has been sick I have been a little more kitty aware.

Also anyone elses cats always lay on there back like a dog? He climbs on the couch and just streches out on his back, attacks shoes and is cuddly only long enough to get your hands near his claws. <-- that's Phoenix
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