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Thanks again for the replies.

It got really really cool last cool my heat kicked on and the themostat is set at 57. She slept like a log....actually she is still sleeping right now. She ate like a little piggy last night too.

Right now I use a rake and a static brush on her, but in between blows she doesn't shed a hair. I have never seen her hair mat up, but like I said she isn't a water dog and she only gets bathed once maybe twice a year if something stinky is involved....I would absolutely not want to deal with mats. The first year she only blew coat once in the spring.....surprised the heck out of me when she started blowing coat the next year at the beginning of winter. I got so worried she would freeze because when it snows you cannot get her to come inside. Since then it has been a twice a year thing until now......guess her body is a bit behind. Even her winter blow was late, it started in mid January and we had such a cold spring.

I just worry, I know how miserable I get when it is that hot. I really could not imagine having a thick winter fur coat on when it is so hot and humid....just watching her made me uncomfortable.

As for groomers, I use to work at a groomers.....I quit a few years ago because the groomer I was employed with was a nasty man. He use to tighten those neck harnesses so tight on some difficult dogs that their front feet wouldn't even touch the table, then pull so hard on the matted fur the poor dog's would scream. Totally disgusting.....he is no longer in business.

Didn't really see any double coated dogs come into there. Lots of the dogs that need regular grooming and hair cuts like poodles and terriers, many many shih tzus and maltese. The biggest dog I ever worked on was a Standard Poodle.....oh my didn't know they made them that big. This is really my first hands on experience with a double coated dog.
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