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I wouldn't use a furminator either. I agree with rake although I do have a metal comb with 2 ends - one having much wider teeth that I bought from groomer. A few people on Eskie board use this comb as well, but the Eskie fur isn't as dense as your pups - or as Cindy's Keeshonds. The Keeshond is also a Spitz but while their colouring is something I so envy, my Eskie's Persian cat fur is easier to care for - but does mat up something awful in the undercoat - especially when he gets wet. Any chance there is a good groomer in your area that could clean up your pup and help him "blow"? This is how I ended up having to do it, since my guy wasn't losing anything except of course on my black clothes. Fortunately, my Eskie's groomer is very good and knows how to groom a double-coated dog so that double coat is still with him. I have seen some very sad things in the open grooming area of a certain large pet store - dogs having by that neck rope while being shaved to the skin - including under the armpits. Not about to happen to my guy. I know they make belly ropes to hold the dogs which would make me feel better because Eskies are jumpers. El's groomer doesn't use the "nooses" to groom.
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