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Originally Posted by dogcatharmony View Post
Thanks for the replies.

I have been running the comb through her but nothing....not one hair is letting go. Hubby and I are arguing over giving her baths, he seems to think that it will keep her cool and possibly start her to shed, and I seem to think we would just be making her more miserable (seeing she doesn't like being wet, plus all the licking she would do to dry herself off). Would multiple baths give her dry skin under all that fur??

Also I had one friend tell me to try the furminator. I have heard not to use it on double coated dogs because it ruins the undercoat because it cuts.....then I have heard that it doesn' cut the hair just pulls it out

Last night I swear you could see the heatwaves coming off the top of her head. I took an ice pack and rubbed her feet, belly, ears and snout with it. She just laid there and panted and grumbled....poor miserable girl.
A comb isn't going to work well on a double coat. You'll need to get a rake. You're right about the furminator, shouldn't be used on double coated dogs.
Even after my dogs blow their coats you can see heatwaves coming off them. I don't think multiple baths is the answer either, cold water in a pool if she likes to wade around, but no shampoo, it will dry out her skin if you use shampoo that often.
Ours don't like to swim, that heavy coat makes it hard for them I guess, but Bentley loves to wade around in shallow water, so I got one of those shallow storage containers, the kind that you can roll under a bed, it's only 4 or 5 inches deep. Fill it about 3/4 full of cold water every day and Bentley splashes around in it.
Poor thing, she may never really blow her coat. Some of our dogs have every year. Some only every 2 years. We use the rake on them every week winter or summer though to help remove loose bits of that thick undercoat.
It's cooled off here finally, the boys are out with hubby right now enjoying the fresher air. They won't be truly happy until the temps get back down in the single digits again though.

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