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ohhh thanks for the awesome idea Elizabeth Ann.....I do have a wire crate....don't know if she would use it but it is worth a try. When she was small I was trying to crate train her but the cats terrorized her in the cat on each side smacking puppy so I ditched the crate. I could always use the metal pan and make ice and then just put a towel over to see how much ice I can jamb in my freezer.

i was watching the weather channel and hope is on the way......I see the thunder clouds building up and it is suppost to go down to 9 degress celcius this evening. Hopefully her system will kick into summer gear and get that darn hair out. I will keep watching for that used sheep skin blanket look she gets just before the blow starts and then start combing like mad.

This is the first summer in four years that she hasn't had a spring/summer awful watching her pant and pace. Hopefully she will get a good restful sleep tonight when it cools down.
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