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Thanks for the replies.

Now to try and show her that the fan is a good thing. I went an bought a floor entire house is filled with ceiling fans but they really do diddly squat for keeping anything cool. She is hiding from the new fan and giving it the intruder eyeballs.......I have got it sort of pointing in a corner so the air circulates around the floor.

I have been running the comb through her but nothing....not one hair is letting go. Hubby and I are arguing over giving her baths, he seems to think that it will keep her cool and possibly start her to shed, and I seem to think we would just be making her more miserable (seeing she doesn't like being wet, plus all the licking she would do to dry herself off). Would multiple baths give her dry skin under all that fur??

Also I had one friend tell me to try the furminator. I have heard not to use it on double coated dogs because it ruins the undercoat because it cuts.....then I have heard that it doesn' cut the hair just pulls it out

Last night I swear you could see the heatwaves coming off the top of her head. I took an ice pack and rubbed her feet, belly, ears and snout with it. She just laid there and panted and grumbled....poor miserable girl.
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