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What a MESS

Ok, Libby (the 14 year old Border Collie) had not had one of these Blow-Out nose bleeds I had been reading about. She had only had slight blood stains on her bedding (oh, by the way - she is no longer able to get into bed with me - she used to sleep on the floor on her bed beside me - Now, I sleep on the floor down beside her! - she sleeps on her stomach with her head between her paws - and that is how she has slept for about the last two years - thank you for asking)

Now, Monday morning before work - I am ready for work - I let Libby outside and when she comes back in she sneezes, Then, it starts - She is sneezing blood out of her nose all over - I herd her into her room and while sneezing (rapid fire sneezing) - she manages to eat her (bloody) ice chips - UCK! (I changed them twice but it was of no use - her nose is right there dripping into her ice) I am covered with blood - but, I go on and feed her breakfast - she is eating and carrying on while she is experiencing this nose bleed - I decide to put her back outside - while I clean up some.

Now, here's the gross part - she is standing at the door - sneezing - but, hitting the door with her paw ("I want in") - and I'm cleaning and motioning to her with my finger - (one minute) (she is deaf - so I have to use sign language - did I mention she was smart?)

Anyway - I go to let her in - and next to the door is this GROSS piece of tissue - healthy looking - kind of like a piece of chicken fat - about the size of a heaped over teaspoon. Next to it is a blood clot the size of a dime - and yes, her nose is still bleeding and she is still sneezing.

I put her on her clean bedding - clean up - and go to work.

When I came home - she seemed to be breathing a little better. I'm not optimistic - her lungs sound heavier, but, I am proud of her for blowing that thing out of her nose - I could have never done it and I have larger nostrils!

(I have that thing saved in my refrigerator - properly marked - and I took a photo!)

OH, she has also figured out - if she puts her nose on the window sill - she can drop her jaw open - it only works for a moment or two - but it still helps.
(I have also put a chair into her room that has a structural rail about three inches off the ground - in hopes she will use that the same way)

Thank you to all that have read - and best luck to you and your dogs. We can only do for them what we know. And we can all know more if we share.

Thank you.
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