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Well, it's been a while and a lot has happened since the switch.

I took the puppy in to see the vet and he was 7.4 lbs!! I almost fainted. He should be between 4-5 lbs, so I sat down with the vet and we chatted about what's going on with both my boys to make them resistant to weight loss and maintenance. She gave us some really good advice - she's a holistic vet and feeds raw to her pets - and I came home and immediately implemented her suggestions.

It's only been a few weeks since that visit and Henry (the pup) went in yesterday for some accupuncture (he really likes it - it's a reward for doing well at obedience school) and he had lost a little weight. The vet seemed to think he should have lost just a teensy bit more but overall, she was pleased.

Cooper has not been to the vet since the switch, so I'm not sure if he's lost weight or not. He seems to feel better and move a little faster than before and I think he's looking a little slimmer but it's hard to tell since he's so overweight. I'm feeding him 1.5% of his bodyweight and he gets no treats with the exception of a bully stick for about an hour a day. Everything seems to be going well.

Exercise is my big problem - I live in Texas where currently, it's 102 degrees. Cooper is prone to heat stroke and hypoglycemia ... this weather isn't good for him (or anyone, for that matter), so it's been a struggle to get him moving around. I work nights and have been trying to take him and the pup out for walks when I get home at 3am but even then, it's hot and humid and nasty. Not to mention, it's 3am and we shouldn't be out walking at that time anyway.

We seem to be showing some signs of improvement though - Henry's weight loss has given me hope that Cooper will finally be free of this extra weight once and for all very soon.
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