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Unhappy Any Suggestions?

Dear friends, I have been reading many of your posts and am saddened. My girl Libby has actually been lucky. She is 14 and about six months ago started having nose bleeds. I too went through the myriad of home remedies - humidifiers - nose sprays - ....

I decided she had a polyp and took her to a Kansas City Specialist for surgery. The doctor was very kind but assured me my dog had no polyp - She stated that the chances of her having cancer were close to 100 percent - and any option we took would be difficult and expensive. She suggested I take my dog home and enjoy the time we had. (we also changed arthritis medication to Piroxicam - (Feldene in human form))

And that is what I have been doing.

Now, I need ideas. Libby can no longer breathe that well through her nose. That makes pretty much every part of her doggy life difficult. She no longer drinks water - so, I give her crushed ice in my hands - She LOVES this! I also give her little cut up sandwiches where I have saturated the bread with water and this works too. (she also LOVES cucumbers - and I slather them with water) What I CAN'T devise is some way for her to rest where her mouth is open. She will NOT let me put anything into her mouth to prop it open so she can breathe - and try as I may - I can't get her to sleep on her side.

I took her to the regular vet yesterday to be put to sleep and you would have thought we were going to Disneyland the way she carried on - so, the vet sent us home.

If I could get past this sleeping thing - Maybe she could just live on chipped ice and soggy sandwiches.... I don't know. I do know - just like you - this ordeal has taken it's toll on me. I am exhausted and I have cried buckets. When I took her to the vet yesterday - I just handed the receptionist a typed out note. At the top read "I will be crying - it's ok - just talk a little louder"

I am new to this site - is there a special location for pet adaptations?

Libby's pal, Mary with the frostbitten fingers
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