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Well the vet is not sure. He thought the coughs were similar to heart failure or asthma.

Not asthma, it would go away without meds. Her lungs are clear.

Could be heart failure, but he thought the coughs lasted too long and her heart sounds fine, but if it continues we will persue further testing on her heart. Her blood work is just too good.

There are two tiny white ulcers on her tongue, looked viral to him, but she has no temp. He tried to look down her throat for further ulcers but didn't see any.

He thinks it may be a furball that won't come out. She has been given some goey stuff to take twice a day and he gave her a 3 day shot of antibiotics just incase it is something brewing and we nip it in the bud.

They love the video idea, first time ever. Of course no coughs while at the vet.
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