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Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
Wouldn't hurt to try. SEB is well tolerated by cats and has no known toxicity (but don't give it at the same time as any meds cause it's mucilaginous properties can inhibit absorption). Continuing to hijack: What does Herbie normally eat?
He gets 1/4 can of wet food twice a day with 1/2tsp of metamucil and kibble. Then during the day a little kibble once or twice. I had him on Royal Canin Light all winter because of the fibre content, but have been switching to grain free. He doesn't like Wellness Core, so I tried Fromm which he does like, I don't want to compromise him going to the toilet though. In the winter I was giving him Lactulose 2-3 times a day but not now. I also ceased giving him the cisipride this winter. I do mix water with the canned food and Herbie weighs 25lbs :sad: and is 13 years old.
My original thread about his constipation is in the pet health section dated Sept 27th (I don't know how to post the link )
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