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Originally Posted by growler View Post
Pumpkin or Butternut Squash purreed you could try roughly 1/16 of a tsp - most measuring spoons have 1/8 tsp just divide that in half since Charlie is just a wee one.

A little bit of ground flaxseed will also lubricate the poop to make it for her to go. Put a heaping tsp of ground flaxseed into a glass dish, add 1-1.5 tsp hot water to make it slimy then add the tip of the teaspoon a mm or 2 deep she shouldn't need more than just a wee bit.

Are the kittens drinking enough water?
I add water to their raw (hot water that warms up the food slightly) and their canned so I think they are getting plenty of water and they go pee LOTS! They don't eat any kibble, they don't seem to recognize it as food.

I got some Slippery Elm Bark yesterday, cut open a capsule added to their food twice last night (total 2 capsules for 4- 2lb kittens) and this morning there was two slightly soft poops . Not sure if one was Charlies, but they were not rock hard as they were before. I also picked out the bones in the Pawsitively Raw (1/3 of the raw they eat).

Today I will give them some of the pumpkin I purchased.

Thanks guys!!!!
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