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Took him back in right after I posted. He was still panting like MAD at the vet but turns out he stank cuz there was all this poop smeared on his bum (diarrhea). Vet thinks he just stressed himself out cuz after I posted I went to check the basement where litter box is thinking maybe he got into something and found vomit EVERYWHERE, white foam 5 or 6 patches of it and a pile of diarrhea..that's all I needed to rush him in.

Vet thinks he just threw up and then freaked out and continues to throw up/foamed at the mouth and then pooped himself?????? He said he sees no sign of an allergic reaction and while there he stopped panting. Right now Onnie is lying down next to me, breathing calmed down..I cleaned him bum for him..he doesnt want any treats or anything :sad: Im gonna watch him like a hawk today.

I have always had my cats vaccinated but never ever have I had one have such a freakout. Maybe the vommiting/pooping himself wasnt related but I dunno .

He didnt freak out or pant at the vets or on the way home or even within 15 mins of being home..he was his usual at the vets, trying to go under the covers in his carrier, not making a sound.

I don't know if ill be vaccinating them next yr.
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