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Tenderfoot Training - Training the family dog the way nature intended

Our goal is to improve your relationship with your dog so that he listens to you and works with you as a team – out of mutual love, trust and respect. We would like you to live in harmony with your dog – not frustration. We hope that through greater knowledge and true understanding you will become a better teacher, coach, parent, leader, friend and caretaker to all the beings that you encounter in this life. Our techniques are based on years of Horse Whisperer training that have been translated to the family dog. “Its all about love, trust and respect when it comes to living in harmony with your dog. Making that special connection and learning to understand what your dog is telling you so that you can respond appropriately and effectively. Becoming a wonderful leader that your dog looks to for advice makes all the difference in the world.”

Our newly released DVD/VHS, ‘Love Them & Lead Them’, can be found on our web site at
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