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Question kitten poopie problem

I posted it in gen. too b/c I need advice.

So, I'll condense it here.

3-4 wk old kitten.

Had an enema yesterday by vet b/c person who had it for 2 days fed it baby formula and had no b/m. Had one at 2 am after stimulating it.

Fed it 15 ml. combo pureed chicken and chicken veg. at 2 am

fed it 15 ml. evap milk(as rec. by vet) at 5 am and 8 am

fed it 15 ml KMR kitten formula at 11 am

Its' abdomen is swollen a little and it passed a little gas at 11 am and fell asleep on my chest. It's sleeping in a kittie carrier w/ a heating pad on low and lots of blankets over the pad.

Any ideas what else to do? It was found along the side of the road--next to its mother who had been struck and killed by a car.
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