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Originally Posted by andrea68 View Post
Question? In the last few weeks Gia's nipples have swollen and are bright pink... Now, in the last week she has gotten a firm swell in her belly, but, not huge like kittens are coming. My question is....if she was pregnant and I have had her for 8 weeks wouldn't she be big on her sides and ready to give birth?
I agree with Katherine93's suggestion of a false pregnancy or pseudocyesis. This would be the most likely. As 14+kitties wrote, the term of pregnancy is not long and it would be hard to imagine that she got pregnant and remained so while she was in such a terrible state. Typically the body will halt any pregnancy and resorb the fetuses if they are really sick. Mastitis or inflammation or infections of the mammary glands might be a possibility. Could you describe the "firm swelling in her belly..." a bit more? I don't fully understand what you mean. Also if the only sign is nipples that are bright pink, then contact irritation and pemphigous come to mind as well. With so many possibilities, perhaps a veterinarian examination might be helpful. Hope this was helpful
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