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Question not cat smart

About two months ago I was given a sweet little cat, maybe still kitten, by a local pet store. "Gia" was in awful shape. After getting hundreds of fleas off of her and worming her we began to focus on her weight. She was fur and bones. Today she is so much healthier and very playful. Question? In the last few weeks Gia's nipples have swollen and are bright pink. At first I thought that maybe she was getting ready to come into heat and I inquired about spaying. Now, in the last week she has gotten a firm swell in her belly, but, not huge like kittens are coming. My question is....if she was pregnant and I have had her for 8 weeks wouldn't she be big on her sides and ready to give birth? I have fostered and trained dogs for years. I have no clue about cats but would love to learn. Thank you.
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