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Any ideas for this month's photo challenge?

Here's some random ideas..
  • First day of summer - so summer/beach pics?
  • 'June bugs' - pets with bugs, dressed up as bugs?
  • It's a big wedding month - pets ready for nuptuals - dressed up like they are getting married?

Okay - I've got nothing

I'm into summer or beach pix...anyone else agree of have a good idea?

Beach photos sound like fun to me too.

i think we need to expand on that some, not everyone has a beach around them.

I agree with you on the aslan, I don't take the dogs to the beach even though we are 10 mins away. Come to that I don't go to the beach. The public ones around here are not that big and way too busy.

we could do lazing in the sun and/or beach pics, enjoying the sun and warmth

works for me...

How many kitties would make it to a beach? Sun they could do, of course.

How about something totally off the summer pets looking wise beyond their years, or wrestling with toys and/or another pet, or pets caught in the act of mischief...

How about summer fun and action/playing
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