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Update of Missy

I just wanted to give an update in Missy, she had her x-rays yesterday. Didnt go so well :sad:. They took fluid from the bump on her nose, from the outside and they went up her nose and took some, and they said it definately looks "suspicious". They sent them out to a specialist "because they deal with this every day so they will have a better idea". The vet said it looks like cancer and the only options we have would be to try a steroid like prednisone or radiation. Radiation is out of the question so she said we have probably 1-3 months.

As for the sneezing, Missy was sneezing a lot for a while before the antibiotics. Sometimes there were like 20 sneezes in one, it would just shake her whole body. But that has gone away, she sneezes still but nothing like before.
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