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Question? How much to feed ?

I am so happy right now! I have been giving Tabitha and Bomber the suggested Venison and Green Pea and they have been eating every last bit of it up! No problems so far! Now dont laugh but I have only been giving them a teaspoon every other day..,,I have been giving them less far they bug me sometimes for the kibble when there is nothing left..I still free feed that to them right now..

Today I went and bought some more of the canned. I bought the larger can 6oz..I gave them each about 1/4 of the can....So if they continue to tolerate this food how much do they need in canned food per day? I have no clue really because they free feed on their kibble? I guess if I know what they require with the canned then I can cut out the kibble..

Sugarcatmom !! looking foward to hearing from you..

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