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Originally Posted by want4rain View Post
if i had to make a harder suggestion, take the laoches back and get some smaller ones. the loaches ive kept are quite silly little guys and they dont even get a fraction of the size a clown does. yoyo loaches, blue skunk, zebra loaches all stay small also.
You run into the problem of someone buying them for an even smaller tank when taking them back.
Clown loaches take an awfully long time to grow, so they won't outgrow a 65g for years. Once they reach several inches they go for LOTS of money ($60 for 5 in. isn't a bad price, larger than that it goes up even more since large loaches are very uncommon - you can be looking at hundreds of dollars for a fully mature adult), so in this case I'd recommend keeping them and finding an actual collector to take them if you fear them outgrowing the tank.
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