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Thanks Dr. Lee.... all very good information!

But.... is there ever a time where a cat that drinks a lot is normal? I took in Fagan and his two brothers and sister at 5 wks old. They were born to a feral momma and stayed with me about 3 weeks. They were all adopted out to my close family (mom, brother) and a friend and me. All four are the same when it comes to water and have been since I first took them in. They drink a lot, from bowls, from taps, our glasses. And all of them have peed a lot as well, but all are healthy and two at least have been tested for diabetes etc and no problems there.

I've always imagined that like the other ferals I've taken in, the constant availability of water here is exciting because of them having to rely on puddles before.... but these kitties are all 4 years old now and still drinking like the water might disappear!

Could it be behavioural or is it more likely something genetic that hasn't showed up in tests yet?
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