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I know this post was old but I thought I'd add my from experience...
we are a family of allergies to dogs (and short haired cats)... my dad, my sister, me and now my young daughter... Over the years I've taken in several dogs s... every one of them bothered us to some extent.. the Boxer and the Husky were the absolutely worse by far but they all bothered us to some degree. Well, I've always wanted a small dog.. so last year I got a Shih Tzu.. and none of us are bothered by her . I can actually rub my face in her hair and I'm not bothered! My daughter and my Dad have severe allergies.. severe eye swelling, itchy throat, etc... so before I got my Shih Tzu I brought my daughter anywhere I could find a shih tzu.. had her pet them, play with them, etc.. we visited about 6 different shih tzu dogs (pet stores, shelters, friends) to ensure she would be okay with a shih tzu..
And yes, although allergies vary from one person to another.. I'd say a Shih Tzu is one of the safer bets... any reputable breeder or shelter will allow you to visit and spend time with the dog before you get it.. visit them, tell them about your allergies.. interact with the dog.. don't bring it home the same day... wait to see if it bothers you...
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