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Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
Cindy,you must get sooo much pleasure in having this beautiful pond..
Hubby and I were talking about a smaller pond just yesterday,but small is just not good enough,what happens to the fish in winter??
We'd also love some little froggys,seeing hubby is related(french)
But I am afraid so would the cats and the birds..
The fish stay out there all winter. Normally that's fine and has been fine for me for over 20 years, but this past winter I lost all my koi. I had shut the pumps down over winter because a leak had developed and I wasn't sure which pump was the culprit. Result was not enough open water to gas off the pond, so the fish died. I was not a happy camper. If it had been a normal winter instead of the winter from hell we had, all would have been fine.
Live and learn, I'll never do that again.

We've had frogs and toads over the years, even the odd turtle pops in. Herons aren't a problem for me, they like to wade into a pond and mind is straight sided so no wading. They have stopped by to try to scoop a meal, but aren't successful, so they don't come back.
Cats drink out of the pond, but they don't fish, cats and water just don't mix.
It does attract loads of birds, that's the fun part of it. Watching all the birds come in to drink. Too deep for bathing though, they have to use the bird baths for that.

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