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They're all doing great. Both Betty and Veronica (the tiny butterflies), come out and swim with the big fish at dawn and dusk now. Veronica is bigger than Betty and is a little bolder. Moose (the big gold one) is a sun worshipper, so I'm waiting for him to get a good burn. He'll lay up at the surface in the sun just basking in the warmth. I've had other fish do that and they do get a sun burn from it. The other fish have more sense and stay under the water lilies in full sun other than the odd swim around the pond.
Midge (the big female), will get very large, she's a swimming vacuum cleaner.
Archie, Reggie and Jughead are all eating and growing well.
No sign of any babies from their spawn yet, I'm hoping I've been spared having to deal with babies for another year at least.

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