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Some cat health and care questions please...

For those that don't know I care for a feral colony in my yard (You can see pictures here if you want to
1- I already put L-Lysine in their food because I see it helps the eye and nose discharge from what I assume is Feline Herpes. I was wondering if there is anything else that should be added to the food for their health?
2- How much do I have to worry about fleas getting on me when I am near them? And for that matter for the one that lets me touch her (Mugsy for now but I am hoping that some of the others warm up to me like my late little pal Tigga did) what is the best treatment for her flea and tick problem?
3- Do they tear their fur up because of fleas or ticks? Nosey seems to have small patches (The size of a US Dime or smaller and about 10-12 spots from what I can see) of fur missing on her body I was wondering why? She in no way will let me touch her...Yet so I can't tell.
4- Besides shelter, water, food and the aforementioned stuff is there anything else I can do that will make their lives better?

Thanks one and all for any advice!

They should make people have to pass a test in order to own a pet!!!!! {;o)
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