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Originally Posted by pug lover
puppy classes are just that--puppy. these are not obedience they are socialization. places like pet smart are great i believe for this sort of thing. they see peopple and dogs and cats shopping carts and they learn not to react to everything around them. passing puppies around is always a favorit of mine.

I disagree with you completely.

They ARE obedience classes. At the age of 6 weeks I had my girls sitting on command with hand signals, at 8 weeks they were responding to "down" This is not socialization, this is obedience that will affect your pup the rest of its growing life.

In reputable classes, they give about 15-20 minutes of "socialization" time and the rest is work.

They also give out handouts that should be done at home every single day until the next class. This is also obedience training.

Sorry, but the first 4 months of your pups life is THE most important time for learning obedience as well as everything else associated with a growing pup.

I took my classes seriously, therefore, I now have 3 very well trained, obedient Goldens.

To say Puppy classes are for socialization only, doesn't sit well with me, as you can see.

Petsmart etc. are animal supply stores, thats all. A trained facility where the people get paid well for their experience is where I would want to take any pup.

This is all my opinion only and how feel.

Heather and her 3 Golden Girls
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